How to replace the tftlcd display polarizer?

by:Genyu     2019-12-26

Everyone knows that there is a component in the tftlcd display that is a polarizer that acts as a filter. If there is no polarizer, there will be no Display. The polarizer is very thin. If there is scratch, stab or abrasion, it cannot be used in production, so be careful when using it. What should I do if I accidentally scratch it? How should the tftlcd display replace the polarizer? Today, Jingyao will come to teach you the method.

after the glass cover of the tftlcd display screen is separated, the fastest way is to directly remove the polarized light with the glue remover, and directly press it down for 2 seconds, let the blade penetrate into the liquid crystal, and then slowly push it to process it, but another method is to use the form of a soldering iron. One is to insert the blade in the soldering iron into the polarized light, press the tftlcd display in one hand, the two fingers lift the polarized light, and the left and right sides of the soldering iron blade are slowly cut, so that the shovel polarized light can be slowly carried out.

The polarizer of tftlcd display screen is very thin. Be careful when assembling. Jingyao, as a professional manufacturer of industrial LCD display screen and touch screen, I have rich production experience in the production. The above is the introduction of how to replace the polarizer on the tftlcd display screen. I believe everyone has a deep understanding of it.

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