In the production of LCD module electrostatic how to avoid

by:Genyu     2020-03-23
Electrostatic damage to electronic products, exist in many industry. Especially in LCD liquid crystal display module industry, because the module of control, driver circuit is low voltage, micro power dissipation of CMOS circuits, vulnerable to electrostatic breakdown. So in shenzhen jing yao LCD module manufacturer in the production of LCD LCD screen at ordinary times is how to prevent static electricity? See jing yao together below small make up of experience: < / p> < p> < / p> human sometimes often produce up to a few volts or hundreds of volts of high voltage electrostatic, in operation, assembly, and the use of should be very careful, to be sure to fight electrostatic. < / p> anti-static LCD module from several aspects: 1. < / p> Shall not use vacuum cleaner for cleaning. Because it can generate strong static electricity. < / p> 2。 The dry air, also can produce electrostatic, therefore, should be in workshop humidity RH60 % above. < / p> 3。 Remove or put back to bag or mobile location, also need to take care all the more, do not produce static electricity. Don't change the packing or abandon the original packaging. < / p> 4。 Electrostatic breakdown is an irreparable damage, it is important to note that carelessness. < / p> 5。 Do not use hand to touch the outer lead, the circuit on the circuit board and metal frame. < / p> 6。 If must be direct contact, should keep the human body and the module the same potential. < / p> 7。 Soldering iron used welding must be good grounding, there is no leakage. < / p> 8。 Operation with electric screwdriver tools must be well grounded, no leakage. < / p> in v. , is more than eight measures about how to prevent electrostatic LCD liquid crystal display module. < / p> - lCD module manufacturer Shenzhen crystal down electricity, is an enterprise specializing in the production of LCD, LCM LCD module, the processing according to customer requirements, customized product specifications! Price concessions! < / p>
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