Industrial structure adjustment of LCD display screen under the impact of led LCD screen

by:Genyu     2020-02-20

even if the two LCDs you purchased before and after have fairly consistent performance parameters, there may have been changes behind the screen. In displays with panel sizes below 15 inch, LCD cold cathode fluorescent lamps that have passed the test of time (CCFL)The backlight system is rapidly being led (LED)Replaced.

This kind of transition is similar to the transistor to replace the vacuum tube, there are many reasons, and this kind of transition produced many derivatives. The basis of the change lies in the recent increase in the brightness of white LED, which enables the white LED to achieve a size greater than 4 ~ The LCD of the 6 inch PDA-level display screen is backlit or illuminated by the end face (edgelighting). Of course, the fall of prices is also a factor leading to such changes.

'CCFL will eventually become history,' value-added distributors in the display field (VAR) Richard McKay, the executive director of Apollo Display Systems, said this, and many people in the industry also agree with this point of view.

'LED will quickly replace LCD backlight in displays with sizes of 10 inch and above,' said Stewart Hough, vice president of business development department of Lynk Labs, which specializes in providing LED driving technology, 'Nearly all CCFL backlight suppliers now have LED backlights. '

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