Introduction to break code LCD module operation matters needing attention

by:Genyu     2020-03-14
< p > < / p > a, operation notice: < / p > 1, the display screen for the production of glass, do not to mechanical shock, such as falling from a height, etc. < / p > 2. If the display is damaged, the internal leakage liquid crystal, don't make it into his mouth. If touch to the clothing, or skin, quickly clean with soap and water. < / p > 3, not on the screen surface or applying too much force connection area of the LCD module, because this will result in color change. 4, LCD module display screen on the surface of the polarizing film is soft, and easy to scratch, careful operation. < / p > 5, if the LCD module display screen surface is dirty, with a soft dry cloth to wipe. If badly soiled, with isopropyl alcohol or ethanol ( Alcohol) , wet cloth to wipe. < / p > 6, other solvents may damage the polaroid, especially water, ketone, aromatic agent, etc. < / p > 7, when using the mounting holes to install the LCD module, ensure that don't make the distortion, bending and deformation. Deformation will have a significant effect on display quality. < / p > 8, installing a LCD module, do not forcibly pull or bend the I/O lead or backlight leads. < / p > 9, touch LCD module TAB may lead to abnormal display, don't touch the TAB. < / p > 10, do not remove the LCD module. < / p > 11, NC feet dangling, don't pick up anything. < / p > 12, if the logic circuit power supply cut off, not to the input signal. < / p > 13, in order to prevent electrostatic damage of components, maintain a good working environment. 14, avoid open, be careful of the heat sealing paper operations. 15, glass screen edge sharp, be careful operation. < / p > note < / p > 1 2, store, store, LCD module, avoid direct exposure to sunlight or fluorescent light. To save the LCD module in the anti-static bag, store at room temperature under the condition of wet often. ( To avoid high humidity/high temperature and under 0 ℃ low temperature. ) If possible, the LCD module should be kept in conditions when shipped from our company. < / p >, carry a module, don't fall on the ground. < / p > b, assembly tools, such as iron, must be properly grounded. < / p > c, in order to reduce static electricity, not to implement assembly in a dry environment and other work. < / p > d, LCD module with a layer of protection film screen. Be careful when you tear the protective coating, because may produce static electricity. < / p > 2, try to reduce electrode corrosion. Water droplets, moisture condensation may accelerate the current electrode corrosion or high temperature environment. Three, other < / p > < / p > 1, in the low temperature ( Below the storage temperature range), , liquid crystal defects can lead to directional solidification or bubble ( Black and white) 。 When there is strong vibration of LCD module at low temperatures also can produce bubbles. < / p > 2 if the LCD modules to work long hours, and display the same pattern, the pattern would be like phantom reserves the contrast on the screen and there will be a slight difference. If want to regain the normal working state can be used temporarily stop for a while. It is worth noting that this phenomenon will have adverse effects on the reliability of the performance. < / p >
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