Introduction to LCD screen and back light must form a complete set

by:Genyu     2020-03-18
Shenzhen crystal down electricity do custom LCD screen business for many years, often encounter some customers special care about LCD screen and the back light can strictly matching problem. < / p> < p> < / p> actually LCD screen and a backlight can be ensure strict matching, also is the number of LCD screen and the back light a differ, exactly the number. Just to do form a complete set of strict, LCD screen and back light of delivery will be more than normal delivery out 5 - Ten working days. The reason is that: in order to ensure the LCD screen and the number of back light completely consistent, let's do the LCD screen, the LCD screen number after coming out again began to have a backlight, to ensure that the supporting. < / p> LCD screen order and most of the time customers are anxious to delivery, always hope we try to early delivery, so most of the time our LCD screen and the back light is after receiving the order and start feeding on production for the actual production of LCD screen and back light behind the different caused by defective rate of the finished product of the two Numbers vary ( Reach the minimum quantity, the difference of plus or minus 20%, didn't reach the minimum quantity, the difference of plus or minus 40%) 。 < / p> there is sometimes after client order, the delivery number in order to ensure that the entire product, let's do more for them to come out, in case they bad spare in the process of production, and he also can't guarantee is the LCD backlight which loss more. So also accept LCD screen and back light quantity not fully supporting. < / p> comprehensive above 3 points, customers can combine their own needs to choose whether must fully supporting. < / p>
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