Introduction to the working principle of LCD liquid crystal display

by:Genyu     2020-02-12

LCD liquid crystal display is a popular product among modern display screens, so do you really know it? If you don't understand, it doesn't matter. Jingyao will share with you how to better understand the LCD display today. Please see below:

how the LCD screen works:

LCD: it is an organic compound with regular molecular arrangement and optical anisotropy of crystal between solid and liquid, when heated to a certain temperature, the liquid crystal will present a transparent liquid state, while cooling will lead to a turbid solid state of crystalline particles, because physically it has the characteristics of liquid and crystal, so it is called 'liquid crystal '.

Liquid Crystal Display LCD: it is a new flat panel display device. The liquid crystal in the display does not emit light, but controls the throughput of external light. When the external light passes through the liquid crystal molecules, the arrangement and distortion state of the liquid crystal molecules are different, so that the light passes through is different, realizing the change of brightness and darkness, and can reproduce the image.

The distortion of liquid crystal molecules is determined by the voltage difference applied to both sides of liquid crystal molecules. Therefore, the conversion from electricity to light can be realized.

that is, the level of voltage is used to control the throughput of light, thus converting electrical signals into optical images.

The change of the arrangement state of liquid crystal molecules can realize the control of light:

liquid crystal molecules are arranged into multiple layers between polarizing plates, in different layers, when the long axis of liquid crystal molecules continuously twist 90 degrees along the parallel plane of the polarizing plate, and the polarized light in the same direction as the polarized light of the polarizing plate vertically shoots at the liquid crystal molecules without external electric field, the incident light will rotate and emit due to the distortion of its polarization direction with the axis of liquid crystal molecules.

It is called Twisted nematic liquid crystal display. When a certain voltage difference is applied to the liquid crystal layer, the liquid crystal molecules will change its initial arrangement state without reversing, the polarization direction of light is not changed, so the light passing through the liquid crystal will be absorbed by the second layer of polarizer and the whole structure will present an opaque state.

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