iPad Mini Inside Design Revealed, Displaying Strong

by:Genyu     2020-06-18
Most of us are quite familiar with the appearance of the iPad mini, which looks not much different with its bigger brother, but have little knowledge about how the inside iPad mini parts are laid out. Apple's products are noted for gorgeous look as well as neat innards, so will iPad mini also inherit this good convention? Those professionals also want to dig out more of iPad mini and see it more clearly by tearing down this device. The inside of iPad mini shows that there is metal panel fixed by 16 screws behind the display, which can also be found in the devices such as iPhone 5 and the new iPod Touch 5. This might be the routine design of new iOS devices. Of course, the internal circuit board lurks the parts supplied by Samsung. Based on the integrated circuit of the display control, the LCD panel is manufactured by Samsung. Apple ever intended to find other makers to supply this, that is, the great competitor of Samsung its homeland, LG Display. LG ever offered the Retina display of New iPad. The fact is that Apple is now not able to part with Samsung. Certainly, the teardown also proves that iPad mini indeed comes with stereo speakers. Apple can only make some little room for the second speaker after replacing the 30-pin port with Lightning. The professionals says that the screws used to fix iPad mini speakers are the smallest one they have ever seen. The WiFi module of the iPad mini is also very similar to that of the iPhone 5. So generally speaking, the iPad mini shares many similarities with iPhone 5 in internal spare parts placement. It seems that the similarity in outside also leads to the sameness inside. What might merit attention is that the Lightning port is welded onto the mainboard, much different with New iPad, which will cause the repair cost once the iPad mini owners find the Lightning needs improvement and repair. So most iPad mini buyers hav already bought some iPad mini cases for their devices. After all, the good protection can always save you lots of money.
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