IPS of LCD display type

by:Genyu     2019-12-28

LCD display IPS technology I believe many people have heard of it. Many end products have advertised that their products use IPS display. Indeed, many end products, mobile devices, as well as industrial equipment, IPS technology is adopted, which also shows that IPS technology has been highly recognized by the market. Today, Jingyao will show you about LCD display IPS.

IPS (In-PlaneSwitching) The display mode is an in-plane conversion mode, I . e. the liquid crystal molecules rotate in the plane parallel to the substrate.

The liquid crystal structure of IPS display mode is shown in the figure. Its Pixel electrode and common electrode are designed on the same side to form a planar electric field. Because liquid crystal molecules rotate in a plane, only viscous resistance needs to be overcome, so their response speed is faster. Its working principle is basically the same as VA.

LCD display IPS is more easily captured by users with 'high screen hardness'. LCD display IPS has become a household name for excellent panel technology, the contribution of IPS hard screen to users is indeed worthy of everyone's recognition. Jingyao has also developed a series of IPS industrial LCD displays, if you want to order 【Industrial display touch screen] , You can get in touch with us at any time, we can customize for your professional.

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