Is Genyu Optical product supply chain complete?
Shen Zhen Genyu Optical Co., constructing the supply chain. Cooperation which is reputable is made by us with material providers. A mechanism of service & support has been built, to give service after sales, shipping service, etc.

Genyu Optical is known as the backbone of the Character LCD Module‎ field. The custom size screen series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Genyu lcd custom character goes through a series of production processes. They involve CAD/CAM design, prototyping, milling, turning, fabrication, welding, spraying, and commissioning. It is capable of showing full-color graphics using Thin-Film-Transistor technology. It is the basic means of production for the modern economy. It is so important that it is extensively used in the commercial field. It rarely suffers image burn-in when a static image is displayed for a long time.

Being the leader of the lcd custom character industry is the goal of Character LCD Module‎. Welcome to visit our factory!
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