Jingyao analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of LCD for everyone

by:Genyu     2019-12-16

liquid crystal display is liquid crystal display in English, abbreviated as LCD. Its main principle is to stimulate liquid crystal molecules to generate points, lines and surfaces to form a picture with back lamps.

Advantages of LCD screen

1. Thin body, space saving: compared with the relatively heavy CRT display screen, the LCD screen only needs 1/3 of the space of the former.

second, power saving, no high temperature: it is a low power consumption product, can be completely non-hot, relative to other display screens, high temperature is inevitable due to imaging technology.

3. No radiation, good health: the LCD screen is completely free of radiation, which is a good news for people who work.

fourth, the picture is soft and does not hurt the eyes: unlike CRT technology, the LCD screen does not flash, which can reduce the damage of the display screen to the eyes, eyes are not prone to fatigue.

There are many low-priced LCD screens on the market now, and many businesses have touted the LCD to the sky. However, liquid crystal has many very obvious advantages, but for various reasons, the low-priced liquid crystal currently sold belongs to the 'low end' of liquid crystal products and has many inherent disadvantages, let's analyze in detail what are the shortcomings of these LCD screens.

disadvantages of LCD screen

1. Price

2. Interface

The digital interface of the LCD screen is extremely cold. Theoretically speaking, liquid crystal display is a pure digital device, and the connection with the computer host should also adopt a digital interface. The advantage of adopting a digital interface is self-evident.

3. The visual angle is small

4, and the response time is too slow

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