Just around the corner under the LCD fingerprint technology is defeated to fingerprint identification will be under the screen mobile phone standard

by:Genyu     2020-03-18
< p> < / p> for a long time, and OLED screen fingerprint is a pair of often appear 'good partners', who pick up fingerprints of mobile phone screen, adopt the OLED screen. But one day in the future, we are likely to see the LCD screen, at the same time equipped with fingerprint screen mobile phone, don't know whether you want? < / p> some netizen has recently said, domestic manufacturers mound fingerprint technology shows the LCD screen when the unlock solution, the scheme has high active through the emission light source, with plenty of wavelength optical receiving technology, finally in the LCD screen for the fingerprint features. At the same time, the technology has accumulated more than 160 LCD screen fingerprint under patent. < / p> in fact, because of price limits, many one thousand yuan products are adopted the rear fingerprint + LCD design. Now have a more advanced LCD screen fingerprint technology, then screen the fingerprint identification for mobile standard is not impossible. It is understood that we could see carrying such technology of mobile phone in the second half of this year, don't know what kind of mobile phone will be starting the LCD screen fingerprint technology? Think of have a little look forward to. < / p>
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