Knowledge of LCD friction orientation

by:Genyu     2020-02-16

Jingyao has shared a lot of relevant case explanations about LCD screens before, but today it is mainly to share the principle of friction orientation of LCD screens. Let's look at the following:

The orientation layer of LCD liquid crystal panel can be formed by rubbing flannel in one direction on the orientation film. The liquid crystal molecules at the orientation layer will be arranged in parallel according to the direction of friction, so that a consistent orientation can be obtained.

The liquid crystal molecules in the upper and lower parts are arranged in the direction of 90 degrees from each other, which is a twisted nematic column (TN)The central link in the manufacture of type I liquid crystal box. There is still a debate about the principle of friction orientation, but one thing is certain, that is, when the liquid crystal molecules are arranged along the friction direction, the energy of the system is the lowest, in other words, the liquid crystal molecules at the orientation layer tend to be arranged along the direction of extremely small energy, which is called anchoring energy.

as for the microscopic mechanism that friction gives the direction of arrangement, it can be considered mainly from the following two aspects: first, 'planing' a very dense depth through friction, A groove of varying width.

The two ends of this kind of groove are different. If the process of wire planing is used as an analogy, one end of this groove is wide and deep, and the other end is narrow and shallow. Such a groove, especially a groove that is equivalent to the size of the liquid crystal molecule (Nanometer level)It will inevitably affect the orientation of liquid crystal molecules. Another consideration is the influence of the alignment direction of organic polymers on the orientation of liquid crystal molecules.

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