LCD display industry application, changing vision with technology

by:Genyu     2019-12-27

with the more and more extensive application of LCD display industry, it has greatly promoted the development of enterprises and information construction. As the display output of the terminal equipment zui, Jingyao has naturally received extensive attention. As the leading brand of LCD display screen, Xiao Lai Jingyao talked about the application of LCD display screen industry:

1. LCD display screen industry is widely used in public utilities and industry supervision

public utilities, such as fixed assets management, ticket inspection and other categories, the complicated projects also put forward many severe tests to the display screen and touch technology; Can you achieve a clear and high-quality picture, can you achieve multi-touch, cope with complex environmental tests, and see in the sun . . . . . . , Product functions can be customized according to different requirements to provide customers with personalized mobile information solutions.

II. The application of LCD display industry in smart terminals

smart terminals are represented by smart phones, flat panels and smart TVs, which spread rapidly. The current intelligence will not only stay in TV, air conditioner and electric lamp, but will be realized in all aspects of our life, such as smart home, smart medical equipment, smart wear, smart car, etc, these cannot be separated from the display screen as its entrance and exit to realize its functions.

iii. LCD display screen industry is applied to production and logistics

using advanced tracking technology, real-time tracking and supervision of products in production, distribution, sales, scanning, testing, analysis, processing, automatic packaging, classification and other aspects has become the development trend of the production and logistics industry. As a core component, industrial display screen must have high reliability and quality to meet the multiple tests of various harsh industrial environments and frequent use requirements.

IV. LCD display screen industry is applied to industry, electric power and petrochemical industry

RFID and other technologies are used to collect information, read, transmit and intelligently check, thus greatly improving work efficiency. Due to the particularity of the industry, high work intensity, complex production environment and high equipment damage rate are all problems in the manufacturing industry. Industrial display screens can give full play to their characteristics of maintaining perfect performance in the face of harsh environment.

after listening to the above introduction, do you have a certain understanding of the application of LCD Display Industry? If you look for LCD display manufacturers again, Jingyao will be a good choice for you.

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