LCD display manufacturers teach you how to know the viewing angle range of LCD display?

by:Genyu     2019-12-28

LCD display screen people usually pay attention to its parameters when choosing, but it is not known to many people that it mainly pays attention to its parameters. Jingyao was asked by a friend what is the meaning of the LCD display angle range. Of course, this is not a problem for Jingyao who has been engaged in the LCD display industry for many years, however, for my friends who don't know it, it may not be such a good knowledge point. Today, Jingyao will introduce the viewing angle range of LCD display screen.

the viewing angle range of the LCD display screen refers to the angle at which the user can clearly observe all the contents on the screen from different directions. Since the light sources of some LCD displays have certain directionality when output after refraction and reflection, color distortion will occur when viewed beyond this range.

because each person's vision is different, we take the contrast as the standard, and the larger the contrast measured at the maximum viewing angle, the better. It should be noted that the nominal value of the viewing angle of the LCD display is also different in different measurement methods. Since the LCD display manufacturer usually does not specify the specific measurement method, in general, the visual angle is a reference value.

the viewing angle range is closely related to the operating voltage. The allowable value range of the working voltage meeting the requirements of the viewing angle range of the device is affected by the structure and material parameters of the device and is described by the characteristic value of the working voltage.

The above is some knowledge points about the viewing angle range of LCD display screen compiled by Jingyao. I believe it will be helpful for everyone to understand the display screen, jingyao is a professional manufacturer of industrial LCD display screens and touch screens. It has thousands of square meters of-level dust-free workshops and powerful manufacturers. Welcome to visit and guide.

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