LCD display on digital camera

by:Genyu     2019-12-16

The biggest difference between a digital camera and a traditional camera is that it has a screen that can browse pictures in time, which is called the display screen of a digital camera, usually an LCD display screen.

LCD of commonly used digital cameras are TFT type. What is TFT? First of all, it includes polarizing plate, glass substrate, thin mode transistor, directional film, liquid crystal material, guide plate, color filter plate, fluorescent tube, etc. For the liquid crystal display screen, the backlight source is the light emitted from the fluorescent tube. These light sources will first pass through a polarizing plate and then through the liquid crystal. At this time, the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules will further change the angle of light penetrating the liquid crystal. When using LCD display screen, we find that different colors and contrast will be seen at different angles. This is because most of the light emitted from the screen is vertical. If we look at an all-white picture from a very oblique angle, we may see black or color distortion.

The LCD display of the digital camera is very expensive and fragile, so the user must be careful when using it, and usually need to do maintenance work.

LCD is very fragile. Never collide with hard objects to avoid breaking the LCD display. The surface of the LCD screen is easy to dirty. When cleaning, it is best to use a clean dry cloth. It is recommended to use a lens cloth or an eye cloth. Do not use organic solvent to clean. The performance of the liquid crystal display will change with the temperature. At low temperature, if the brightness decreases, this is a normal phenomenon.

The Horizon displayed is everywhere, so we are also very dependent on the display screen. There is no display screen, it is equivalent to that we have no interface to express.

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