LCD liquid crystal display

by:Genyu     2019-12-29
LCD liquid crystal display is a liquid crystal display device used by most electrical appliances up to now. LCD liquid crystal display has many years of history and experience in the display industry and can be well combined with various electrical appliances. At the same time, LCD Liquid Crystal Display also has a lot of LCD Display screens, also known as Liquid Crystal Display screens. The full name of LCD in English is Liquid Crystal Display, which is a kind of flat panel Display. Screen Display for TV and computer. The advantages of LCD display screen are low power consumption, small volume and low radiation. The LCD liquid crystal display screen uses a three-layer structure of two electrode materials containing liquid crystal molecular solution, so that when current passes through the liquid, molecules will be rearranged to achieve the purpose of imaging. The LCD display uses two pieces of polarized material, between which is a liquid solution. When current passes through the liquid, molecules are rearranged so that light cannot pass through them. Therefore, liquid crystal molecules allow light to pass through and block light. Current LCD (LCD) The products are developing towards light, thin, short and small goals. What is the traditional display mode of LCD display screen, such as CRT Image Tube Display and LED display panel, etc. , are all affected by factors such as volume and power consumption, which cannot meet the actual demand. The development of liquid crystal display technology is just in line with the current trend of information products. LCD liquid crystal display has the advantages of right angle display, low power consumption, small volume, zero radiation, etc. , so that users have the best visual environment. At present, liquid crystal display technology is mainly divided into TN, STN and TFT technologies. TN-type liquid crystal display technology is the most basic technology of liquid crystal display, and other types of liquid crystal displays can also be said to be improved with TN-type as the origin. TFT-type liquid crystal display is relatively complex, and its main components include fluorescent tube, light guide plate, polarizing plate, light filter plate, glass liquid crystal display glass substrate, distribution film, liquid crystal material, thin mode transistor, etc. The advantages of LCD liquid crystal display, one, thin, does not occupy the place. Second, no radiation, good for health. Third, no flicker, good for the eyes. Fourth, low energy consumption and energy conservation. Five, completely flat, no visual deformation. The first disadvantage of LCD liquid crystal display is that it has a limited visual angle. Second, there is a response speed, which will produce a picture drag. Third, the color reproduction and authenticity can also be improved. Fourth, the brightness is limited.
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