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by:Genyu     2020-02-13

The surface of the LCD screen looks like a solid black screen, in fact, manufacturers will add a special coating to this screen. The main function of this special coating is to prevent the user from being reflected and dazzled by other light sources when using, and to strengthen the color contrast effect of the liquid crystal screen itself. However, because the coating materials used by various manufacturers are also different, of course, its durability will also vary. Therefore, users should never wipe the screen surface with any alkaline solution or chemical solution at will when cleaning.

for common LCD liquid crystal displays, key components include glass substrate, color filter, polarizer, driving IC, liquid crystal material, alignment film, backlight module and ITO conductive film.

liquid crystal panel stains are generally divided into two kinds, one is because of the accumulated dust in the air, one is the fingerprint and oil stain left by the user inadvertently.

It is recommended to use a special LCD wiping cloth instead of a soft cloth (Glasses cloth)Or paper towels. The special liquid crystal wiping cloth uses special fibers, which has much better wiping effect than ordinary high-grade glasses cloth, is soft and will not scratch the screen, and also has the unique function of dissipating static electricity.

due to the complex physical structure design of the liquid crystal panel itself, when wiping the liquid crystal panel, never use unknown cleaning liquid, let alone clean water and alcohol solution.

because if you use clean water to clean the LCD screen, the liquid is easy to drip into the liquid crystal display and the inside of the device, which will cause the short circuit of the device circuit and burn out expensive electronic equipment, clean water cannot be cleaned for fingerprints and oil stains. Alcohol is a commonly used organic solvent, which can dissolve some dirt that is not easy to wipe off, but now the LCD screen is coated with a special coating, use alcohol to wipe the display screen, this layer of special coating will be dissolved, causing adverse effects on the display effect. Chemical solvents are even less desirable and easily scratch the liquid crystal panel.

You can spray a proper amount of non-ionic water with a special liquid crystal wiping cloth to make the wiping cloth slightly moist, and gently wipe the LCD screen.

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