LCD liquid crystal display operation procedure specification

by:Genyu     2020-02-13

after the test results of STN and HTN products on LCD liquid crystal display screen come out, polarizers with corresponding modes must be pasted to see the thickness of the box.

carefully check whether the filling wafer is filled with liquid crystal, whether it is inserted reversely, and choose a paper skin of appropriate size. (The paper skin must be clean. ) The Crystal filling mouth faces forward and is basically on the same line, and the crystal filling mouth extends out of the isolation paper skin 2-5mm, number of layers (1-40 layers) Any stack, the number of grains in each layer is determined according to the actual situation, then install the air bag and affix the label with the model of the basket. The air bag should be placed in the center of the tooling.

adjust the pressure and set P1 (High pressure), P2 (Low voltage). After the pressurization is completed, wipe off the liquid crystal of the perfusion port ( The rag must wipe the liquid crystal port in the same direction to prevent foreign matter such as dander from blocking the perfusion port), Then seal one by one with a sealing machine.

after the LCD is sealed, adjust the knob to P2 (Depressurization) , After standing for a predetermined time, close the shutoff valve, adjust the knob to zero, take down the box tooling and put the seal up into the curing furnace for curing, after curing, check the quality of the sealing glue for leakage of the sealing or sealing half surface; If there is a need to re-glue; If there is no normal open the throttle valve to take out the liquid crystal.

The lower staff is responsible for checking the curing effect and the depth of the glue, and if there is any abnormality, feedback to the team leader or foreman in time. Put the filling chips after the box is finished into different boxes, and the sealing is consistent. If there are products with consistent typesetting, color codes must be made as required.

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