LCD liquid crystal display technology is mostly to TN, the STN, TFT three kinds of technology for the spindle

by:Genyu     2020-03-24
< p> < / p> video signals from the host by video signal lines into the liquid crystal display boards, after the video board receives the video signal, made by video moderators chip control instruction, two road, all the way through the screen line video signal to the LCD screen control circuit, by changing the LCD screen liquid crystal molecules in different degrees of distortion to achieve the effect of display screen. Due to the LCD screen itself does not shine, so also need to have back light users can see the picture is displayed on the screen. This is the first 2 control signal, the first 2 control signal to monitor up board, is used to control the light light source through the liquid crystal display, in this way, we can clearly see the display picture. Liquid crystal is a kind of polymer materials, because of its special physical, chemical, optical properties, are widely used in the beginning of the 20th century ultra-light display technology. People familiar with the material status ( Also called phase) For gas, liquid, solid, relatively unfamiliar is plasma and LCD. < / p> at present most of liquid crystal display technology to TN, the STN, TFT three kinds of technology for the spindle, so we just from these three techniques to discuss their work. TN type liquid crystal display technology is one of the most basic liquid crystal display, and then other kinds of liquid crystal display is also modified by TN type for the origin. Also, it works than other techniques to the simple also. Figure type TN LCD is represented in the simple structure diagram, including the vertical direction and horizontal direction of polarizing film, with the appearance of fine lines groove of the match to the film, liquid crystal materials and conductive glass substrates. < / p> its imaging principle is put liquid crystal material in two pieces of attached with a transparent conductive glass of optical axis vertical polarizing film, liquid crystal molecules will be in accordance with the match to the membrane of fine groove direction of rotation is arranged in a sequence, if the electric field is formed, not light will smoothly from the polarizing film is shot, according to the liquid crystal molecules rotate the direction of travel, and then from the other side of the injection. If after the two pieces of electricity conductive glass, will cause the electric field between the two pieces of glass and, in turn, affect the arrangement of the meantime liquid crystal molecules, the molecules stick to reverse, the light cannot penetrate, and cover the light source. So get the phenomenon of light and dark contrast, called reverse type nematic field effect, simply TNFE ( 扭曲向列场效应) 。 In electronic products used in liquid crystal display, are almost always made from reverse type to column field effect principle. < / p> according to principle of the STN type is also similar, the difference is TN reverse nematic field effect of liquid crystal molecules rotate it 90 degree is the incident light, and the STN super twist nematic type field effect spun incident light is 180 ~ 270 degrees. In this way, a simple TN LCD itself only two scenarios (light and shade Or black and white) , there is no way to do the color change. Involved and the STN LCD liquid crystal materials, the relationship between and the interference phenomenon of light, thus showing the tonal give priority to with light green and orange. But if the traditional monochrome the STN LCD with a color filter ( 颜色过滤器) Monochrome display of matrix, and at any pixel ( 像素) Divided into three sub pixel ( 子- - - - - - 像素) , respectively, through the color filter shows red, green, blue three primary colors, through the mixed rate of primary colors, also can show the full color model of color. In addition, TN type liquid crystal display if the screen is bigger, the poor contrast screen will appear, but by the improved technology, the STN can make up for a lack of contrast. < / p>
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