LCD liquid crystal display visible scheme in sunlight

by:Genyu     2019-12-29
The screen burning phenomenon used to appear on plasma display devices. The probability of screen burning on LCD liquid crystal displays is very low, but there are still some screen burning phenomena. Problem Description: LCD display time is too long, permanent display after displaying static images, blurred images, resulting in a permanent impression. Solution: Use LCD liquid crystal display correctly. Even if the performance is good, the display screen should not display the same picture for a long time. Therefore, in addition to the display screen itself, we should also form good habits: 1. Turn off the display power when not in use; 2. Ensure that the operating system is in power saving mode and set the time to 10- 15 minutes, so that when the display is not used for 15 minutes, the LCD can rest; 3. The screen saver can be enabled so that the display does not display the same still image for a long time; 4, can often change the desktop background picture; 5. If you find that there is a ghosting on the monitor, you can try to turn off the monitor for a few days to see if it can be restored. According to the reflection principle, light will be reflected on the interface through two transparent media with different refractive indices, and the reflectivity R = ((N0-N1)/(N0 n1)) 2. The larger the refractive index difference of adjacent different transparent media, the higher the reflectivity on the interface. Because the refractive index difference between air and cover plate and LCD polarizer is relatively large, therefore, the mirror reflectivity of the display screen using the air layer will be very high, with the overall reflectivity reaching about 12%, generating strong glare, resulting in the human eye not being able to see the image content of the display screen. In order to reduce the reflectivity of the interface, the method of inserting a transition medium can generally be adopted when the refractive index n = (N0 * n1) At 1/2, the polarizer with the lowest overall reflectivity is very fragile, and cellulose triacetate ( TAC: Triacetyl Cellulose)As a protection, TAC refractive index is 1. 47 ~ 1. 48. TAC materials may be added to other materials for special surface treatment, and the refractive index will change to some extent. The material of the cover plate is generally made of glass (Refractive index 1. 5 ~ 1. 9)Acrylic sheet (Refractive index 1. 5), PC board (Refractive index 1. 6)Or PET (Refractive index 1. 63)Wait. 1. High contrast: using optical bonding technology and optical adhesive bonding to increase the utilization rate of backlight brightness and brightness of LCM, it can effectively reduce specular reflectivity and increase the contrast of display screen. 2. High brightness technology: LED is used instead of CCFL as backlight light bar. With the help of LED backlight technology, not only the brightness of LCD is improved, it will also greatly improve the color reproduction and service life. Optical films, high polarizers, and LCD panels with high light transmission can significantly improve the brightness of LCD liquid crystal displays.
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