LCD module advantage

by:Genyu     2020-03-23
< p> < / p> with the development of social science and technology widely used LCD module, broad field. Why the LCD module will be so popular? Outstanding product people naturally like, today let's look at the LCD liquid crystal display what are the advantages: < / p> 1, small volume, light weight. < / p> liquid crystal display module through a display screen electrode control state to achieve the aim display, liquid crystal molecules on weight than traditional display device of the same display area is much lighter. < / p> 2, display high quality. < / p> due to the liquid crystal display module after each point in the received signal has been to keep the color and brightness, constant light, unlike some display devices need to constantly refresh the window. As a result, liquid crystal display module, high quality and won't flicker down to lower the eye fatigue. < / p> 3, small power consumption. < / p> power consumption of the liquid crystal display module mainly consumed in its internal electrode and driver chip. Therefore, for the same display area, liquid crystal display module's power consumption is much smaller than other display device, and the power supply can choose 5 v and 3. 3V。 < / p> 4, simple and convenient digital interface. < / p> is a digital liquid crystal display module, and MCU interface is very simple, manipulation is also very convenient. < / p> 5, no electromagnetic radiation. < / p> can learn from the structure of liquid crystal display module, the innate characteristics of LCD liquid crystal display module determines its no electromagnetic radiation, the advantages of LCD TV and computer monitors are widely promoted. < / p>
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