LCD module manufacturer and you tell me about the STN LCD principle

by:Genyu     2020-03-23
< p> < / p> the world's first LCD appeared in the early seventy s, known as TN type liquid crystal display ( The Twisted Nematic Twisted Nematic) 。 In the eighty s, the STN type liquid crystal display ( Super Twisted Nematic, Super Twisted Nematic) And TFT liquid crystal display ( Thin Film Transistor, Thin Film Transistor) Technology is put forward. < / p> we will begin with what the type TN LCD principle, the STN LCD and TN LCD display principle is the same, just the distortion of the liquid crystal molecules different angles. < / p> nematic liquid crystal sandwiched between two pieces of glass and the glass on the surface of the first plating a layer of transparent and conductive film as electrode, and then in a thin film electrode surface of the glass coated with match to the agent, to make the LCD along a specific and parallel to the direction is arranged on the surface of the glass. Distortion of the liquid crystal natural state is 90 degrees, use of electric field can make the liquid crystal rotation, the refractive index change with the direction of the liquid crystal and liquid crystal, influence is the result of the light after type TN LCD bias polarity change. As long as selecting the appropriate thickness change partial polarized light just 90 °, are completely can use two parallel polarization makes the light cannot pass. And large enough voltage can make liquid crystal direction parallel to the direction of the electric field, the partial polarized light will not change, the light can be through the second polarized piece. So, can control the light and shade. Said earlier, type the STN LCD and TN LCD display principle is the same, except that it turn incident light 180 ~ 270 degrees, rather than 90 degrees. And simple type TN LCD only two kinds of light and shade change itself. While the STN LCD is given priority to with light green and orange. But if in traditional monochrome the STN LCD with a color filter, and every pixel of monochrome display matrix is divided into three sub pixel, respectively through the color filter shows red, green, and blue light, can show the color. < / p>
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