LCD module pin to the glass edge distance to the reserve

by:Genyu     2020-03-22
Our engineers often encounter when new design circuit boards allow room for how many LCD screen, there is a problem of LCD LCD pin to the glass edge of minimum distance to the reserve as well? < / p> < p> < / p> crystal yao LCD screen to remind you that piece of code type LCD LCD pin to the glass edge to set aside at least one pin the width of the distance. But in general will not leave so little distance. Why is that? < / p> this is because if the distance is too small, LCD glass are influenced by the following factors caused some bad: < / p> 1. Glass and other objects of known objects at different temperatures of heat bilges cold shrink, if the pins in the position of the glass almost edge can create a stress strain, don't usually see from appearance, is generally cause the LCD panel produce looseness between pin and glass, conductive adhesive conductive area decreased, causing the resistance, we know that under the condition of constant voltage, the resistance increase is bound to current will increase, but our circuits are made available to the LCD screen is limited, causing the display light strokes word, or is some unrealistic pen, caused the phenomenon of lack of painting. < / p> 2。 LCD screen of the position of the pin if on the edge, according to the rectangular pull the tip is minimal. So if the size of the circuit board and the pin is in a state of very fitting, installation workers to put the LCD screen in the PCB is easy to cause crack, or the LCD screen in the process of welding because of the high temperature soldering rapid warming is likely to cause cracking phenomenon. < / p>
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