LCD module section station brand effect and advantages

by:Genyu     2020-03-29
< p > < / p > now many bus card according to have LCD all stand section, commonly known as token bus station section, it may, according to the stops/controller stops information linkage lit street, corresponding site pilot light, clear the passengers know will arrive in site. LCD stands section what brand effect and advantages? LCD station section brand effect: < / p > < / p > 1, specially designed for bus, bus and tour bus card designed LED stand section, the car provide passengers during the process of moving direction, way of site information, USES high brightness color ( Red, green, yellow) Light-emitting diodes (leds), at each stops using diode red, green and yellow colors 'bright', 'flash' state of the indicator has reached, will arrive, the site has not yet arrived. < / p > 2, in the process of vehicle for passengers to provide the following information: < / p > / / downlink information, on downward through the platform of information, unidirectional and bidirectional site information, the current reach information platform, the next stop, and a song will through all of the information platform and marked the last service information such as time, facilitate the passengers arrange for a ride. Section < / p > LCD standing brand advantage: < / p > 1, LCD stand section is concise and easy to understand, inside the LED back light even at night can clearly identify the default route; Outside the LED indicator light stops of synchronization with the stops/controller is light, light and sound synchronous tips to the site, a more comprehensive to information are provided for passengers. < / p > 2, dynamic display circuit, smart tips station and transfer information, more flexible circuit switch, switch split screen or play video and site. LCD stands section card system via WIFI or 3 g / 4 g networks are connected to the vehicle multimedia equipment, automatic wireless transmission and update the stops line file, and through the platform to realize intelligent remote control. < / p >
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