LCD outdoor display screen is preferred

by:Genyu     2019-12-29

LCD outdoor display, hear the two words of outdoor, everyone must first think of the outdoor advertising machine, like the current bus, bus stop, self-service ordering, etc, outdoor display screens are everywhere. With the diversification of media methods and the development of information technology, LCD outdoor display screens have gradually formed a certain scale. However, in Jingyao, our LCD display can also be used in harsh outdoor environments. Let's introduce Jingyao's LCD display.

Jingyao's industrial-grade display screen can be used in extreme environments. It is characterized by high sensitivity, long service life, long endurance, ergonomic design and high brightness, fast response, high temperature and high humidity storage, multi-touch, dustproof, wide color gamut, visible in the sun, anti-drop, full viewing angle, low temperature work, etc. , fully equipped with LCD outdoor display conditions, jingyao's display size is 1. 44 inch ~ 10. , Production of industrial display, smart home, medical equipment, handheld terminals.

after listening to the LCD outdoor display produced by Jingyao, do you think it is very good? Jingyao has been digging hard on the road of intelligent display, looking for LCD outdoor display, small and medium-sized size is complete, Jingyao is professional because of focus, we must be your choice.

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