LCD polarizing piece of LCD module introduces, polaroid is what

by:Genyu     2020-03-28
< p > < / p > should be polarized light, the full name of polaroid studied physics should know what is polarized light, the imaging of LCD must depend on polarized light, all of the liquid crystal have two pieces of polarized light close to the LCD glass, before and after composition always honest about 1 mm of LCD. If any missing a polaroid, liquid crystal plates are not show image. Polarized light piece replace polaroid, because ordinary liquid crystal display in the face of the eye that polaroid is grind arenaceous processing, to dispel the reflective surface, and the light scattering in order to increase the Angle of LCD. For projector, any scattering light damage, ideal status of LCD used the projector should be 0 degrees Angle, the deviation from the vertical direction LCD, no light. < / p > of course, this is impossible, but the more close to 0 degrees Angle, the higher the efficiency of the light, so use flat polaroid after replace the frosted polaroid, the brightness of the projection on the wall will be improved greatly and my own estimate, about 50 - can be enhanced 80%, which is why you want to change the reason of polaroid. Polarized lens standard polarized lens is the world's most recognized for driving the lens. When light from an object's surface reflection has been polarized parts produce glare. The opposite of glare role - - - - - - - Enhance brightness and color saturation, make the object contour become blurred, eye fatigue, discomfort. Polaroid made according to the principle of polarization of light, effective eliminate the glare of the special function, make the drivers to improve vision, add a fun ride. < / p >
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