LCD screen LCD or OLED is good?

by:Genyu     2020-03-25
< p> < / p> full name is the LCD screen LCD Liquid Crystal. LCD through the back plate exposure is needed to show, its principle is based on white light through the color filter and produce different color, through the current control of each pixel point light rate, to control the color of the pixel. After years of development now the technology is mature, like a TFT, IPS, SLCD on market, only in different processing technology, essentially all belong to the LCD screen. < / p> OLED scientific name is 'organic light emitting diode (' 有机光 发光二极管) Spontaneously, it is a kind of organic material, the light glows itself, without the need for a separate backlight or color filter. Each OLED pixels can be allocated in three colors: red, green, and blue. There are manufacturers joined the yellow, but the principles are the same. < / p> OLED can be divided into passive OLED ( PMOLED) With the active OLED ( AMOLED) 。 We are now in contact with the OLED screen, basic it is AMOLED screen, and AMOLED itself is a kind of OLED. At present the latest AMOLED technology all in the hands of samsung, data show that South Korea's samsung and LG two possessions can account for 95% of the world. < / p> so why is widely adopted in high-end flagship device currently AMOLED screen? That's because the AMOLED screen has the following obvious advantages: < / p> color shows obvious advantages: < / p> in the LCD display, want to completely cover the white light show black, is a very difficult thing, there is always more or less some light-leaking phenomena appear. OLED screen can do not shine when show black, black display is very pure. Not only that color display OLED has a wide color gamut, the almost infinite high contrast and other advantages. So with LCD and OLED screen together, OLED screen will always be more eye-catching. Another OLED screen Angle is relatively better, however, the response speed is faster. < / p> screen structure is relatively simple, thin and flexible < / p> with backlit LCD layer and the existence of the liquid crystal layer, the thickness is much thicker than the OLED. Thinner screen means that can create more frivolous phones, conforms to the modern pursuit of mobile extreme thin. Some black science and technology with the latest technology - — Such as screen under the fingerprint technology. Because the fingerprint sensor to penetrate the light of the screen. So only can be achieved on the thinner OLED screen. < / p> in addition, OLED screen and the ribbon cable material is soft and flexible. Therefore cof package or cop process, can be used to screen ribbon cable and IC chip bending fold up behind the screen. To keep the cell phone to get the effect of the narrow chin. < / p>
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