LCD screen shading problem

by:Genyu     2019-11-24
LCD: when the contrast is the brightest at the same point on the screen (White)With the darkest time (Black) The ratio of brightness, high contrast means relatively high brightness and the gorgeous degree of color. Excellent quality LCD display panel and excellent backlight brightness, the two can be reasonably matched to obtain a full, bright and clear picture. The two more common nouns are: LG Sharp (DFC)Technology and Samsung's dynamic contrast technology (DCR) Lg dfc is all called Digital Fine Contrast, sharp ratio (DFC) Technology is a special optimization technology for contrast. The technology is mainly composed of three parts, namely ACR ( Auto Contents Recognition (automatic Recognition), DCE ( Digital Contrast Enhancer (Digital Contrast enhancement)And DCM ( Digital Contrast Mapper (Digital Contrast mapping). ACR can automatically detect various parameters of display signals input from PC host, thus adjusting and optimizing the contrast ratio of liquid crystal display; DCE can greatly reduce the blackest brightness and effectively adjust the brightness of the middle color scale, thus achieving the effect of optimizing display; DCM can judge whether the contrast is optimized and adjust and display the picture comprehensively. That is to say, sharp ratio (DFC) Technology requires three steps to optimize the contrast. The so-called dynamic contrast refers to the contrast value measured by the liquid crystal display under certain specific conditions. For example, each area of the screen is tested one by one, and the contrast value of the area with the largest contrast is changed, as the contrast parameter of the product. Different manufacturers may have different methods for measuring dynamic contrast, but their essence is always the same. Dynamic contrast and real contrast are two different concepts. Generally, the dynamic contrast of the same LCD is 3-5 times.
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