LCD The working principle of LCD screen

by:Genyu     2020-02-15

LED is also just a classification, that is, LED ( Because it is used as backlight, it refers specifically to white light emitting diodes here). The technology of LED is relatively single, but according to the arrangement of LED backlight, it can be divided into side-entry and straight-down. The side-entry TV is very thin, but the screen brightness is slightly uneven and saves electricity. The direct LED is slightly thicker, but the backlight is uniform, and the light can be controlled by partition, and the contrast is higher. Compared with CCFL, LED backlight technology has longer backlight life and wider color gamut. Compared with CCFL, it has no obvious shortcomings and has gradually become the mainstream.

LCD Chinese literal translation LCD screen, LED Chinese literal translation LED. As can be seen from the name, LCD refers to imaging technology and LED is lighting technology.

LCD is just a big classification, that is, LCD screen technology, through the optical activity of liquid crystal molecules color, specific technology and according to different liquid crystal molecules, electrode arrangement is divided into many sub-technologies, such as stn tft av ips, etc. The essence of each technology is the same, all using liquid crystal technology, but the effect is slightly different, for example, STN is very power-saving but the color is less unreal, TFT color is very real but the visual angle is small, etc.

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