LCM LCD module classification summary

by:Genyu     2020-03-21
< p> < / p> - LCD module manufacturer Shenzhen crystal down electric co. , LTD, after years of LCD LCD, LCM LCD module customization production technology, according to many years of experience, introduce LCM LCD module for everybody has what kind of classification: < / p> a. According to the content of the display can be divided into: sections of liquid crystal display module, the character type liquid crystal display module, graphic dot matrix liquid crystal display module, a total of three categories. < / p> 1。 1 sections of liquid crystal display module mainly 7 section of code of eight and fixed the icon is displayed, advantage is used to control drive liquid crystal display (LCD) and single chip microcomputer interface is simple, cheap, can be widely used in gas meter, water meter, electricity meter, air conditioning, water heater, refrigerator, voltmeter and ammeter, household appliances, portable test and measurement instrument, the disadvantage is that display content is less. < / p> 1。 2 character LCD display module mainly ASCII characters, western advantage is used (in ASCII es character dot matrix LCD display control drive generator, microcontroller just sending ASCII character code can make the corresponding character in the liquid crystal display ( LCD) On display, price moderate, for the Latin alphabet language show is particularly suitable for, the disadvantage is that can only display ASCII characters, flexibility is bad, if you want to display large Numbers is difficult to do. < / p> 1。 3 graphic dot matrix liquid crystal display module mainly display graphics lattice, advantage is that the graphic dot matrix operation, the single chip microcomputer of operating liquid crystal display module can realize a custom icon, drawing operations such as strong display function, can be widely applied to the monitoring equipment, testing equipment, the disadvantage is that with single chip microcomputer interface is complex, the price is relatively expensive. < / p> 2. According to the liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display control driver connection, divided into COG LCD display module, COB LCD module SMT liquid crystal display module, a total of three categories. < / p> 2。 1 cog LCD module is the liquid crystal display control driver IC directly inversion encapsulated in the LCD glass substrate, the advantage is miniaturization, cost leadership, the disadvantage is that processing complex must mass production, maintenance difficulties, Liquid crystal display module can only be the overall scrap after failure) 。 < / p> 2。 2 COB LCD display module is the liquid crystal display control driver directly encapsulation on PCB printed circuit board, the advantage is saving space, good cost performance, flexible production, the disadvantage is that after the process is relatively complex, IC failure IC can only be scrapped. < / p> 2。 3 surface-mount liquid crystal display module USES encapsulation of the LCD display drive, mostly thanks to form including DIP, SOP, PLCC various forms, such as advantages of good performance, convenient maintenance, good temperature characteristic, the disadvantage is that expensive, IC packaging volume. < / p> 3. According to the liquid crystal display driver model is divided into static drive liquid crystal display module, the multiplex drive LCD module two kinds big. < / p> 3。 1 static drive LCD module driven by each driver thread section of the LCD display, selective best advantage is simple circuit, display, drive voltage range is very wide. The disadvantage is that the LCD lead, PCB line more less difficulties, it can display content. < / p> 3。 2 multiplex drive LCD display module adopts time-sharing scanning drive LCD display, advantage is less pinout, LCD display content. Drawback is complex and requires narrow the scope of the driving voltage. < / p> 4, according to the principle of liquid crystal display (LCD), divided into the TN LCD display module, the STN liquid crystal display module and TFT LCD module three categories. < / p> 4。 Type 1 TN LCD module adopts TN LCD, advantage is low power consumption, cheap, the disadvantage is that due to the optical rotation type TN LCD only 90 degrees, lead to display the narrow Angle of view, the other type because the TN LCD photoelectric response curve is flat, so show low contrast, can only use static or low because of driving way. < / p> 4。 2 the STN LCD display module adopts the STN LCD, advantage is perspective is wide, high contrast, suitable for below 240 because of drive, defect is higher price relative to TN, can only display colors. < / p> 4。 3 type TFT LCD TFT LCD module USES, advantage is wide perspective, color display, large capacity, the disadvantage is that driver complex, the size of a single customization, you should use a narrow temperature range, with back light power consumption is very large. < / p>
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