LCM LCD module in the FPC line is introduced

by:Genyu     2020-03-29
< p > < / p > LCM ( Liquid Display Module, Liquid crystal Display Module) Is the liquid crystal display, drive circuit, FPC ( Flexible Printed Circuit, Flexible Printed Circuit board) Together, back light, and other structural components. And liquid crystal display LCD glass and drive circuit and mechanical connections and electrical conductivity of FPC, it is the core of LCM production, general principles of the LCD glass and FPC production technology for the FOG, 电影在玻璃) Binding process, that is, FPC will be carrying on the glass panel; In the FOG bond fixed process, will use the ACF ( Anisotropic Conductive Film, the Anisotropic Conductive adhesive) Materials. < / p > said to the FPC line line, you must be familiar with the process or the FPC is what? FPC according to the feature points, can be divided into a lot of kinds, such as FPC antenna, FPC touchscreen, FPC capacitance screen, FPC line is one of them, said popular point, FPC line connecting line is. The composition of FPC line line FPC line because is a kind of FPC, therefore, its form is the same as the composition of FPC. FPC is generally elongated, designed to plug on both ends of needle, can be directly connected to the connector or welded on the product. Is commonly among lines, because FPC line line needs to be some flexibility, therefore, the base material is commonly use rolling copper, tortuous, flexible. FPC row of FPC line line line used in surface treatment is usually heavy gold, occasional anti-oxidation. But not ability of high temperature anti-oxidation process, zedoary worse than environmental capacity, the price of similar, therefore, the vast majority of heavy gold process. < / p > in addition, and tin tin plating process, but the FPC heat-resistant generally below 280 degrees Celsius, and tin, has more than 300 degrees Celsius temperature, and solder paste hardness is small, so rarely used. The function and application of the FPC FPC function lies in the connection of two rows of related parts or products. Now, many products are used to line, because it has a certain twists, the printer, mobile phone, notebook, etc have been used in many products FPC line. < / p >
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