LCM using matters needing attention

by:Genyu     2020-03-21
A, when installation, the surface protective film to peel off the machine assembly before the end of may, so as to avoid dirty or stained. Between the module and the front panel should be equipped with a 0. About 1 mm liner. Panel should guarantee the smooth, does not produce distortion after assembly. < / p> second, the operation should be paid attention to, the LCD module assembly accuracy is higher, after careful assembly adjusting and become, please don't optional to processing and finishing. Specific include: (1) metal pressure box claw may not arbitrarily twist, remove; (2) not modify, processing and assembly holes of the PCB appearance,, lines and parts; Article 3. Do not remove, modify, conductive rubber; (4) shall not be modified by internal various stent; 5. Don't fall off, touch, twist, twist. < / p> CMOS - three, LCD module LSI is electrostatic destroyed, and that sometimes the body can produce a few kv high-voltage electrostatic, is very dangerous, so in the process of operation, installation must pay special attention to: (1) do not use hand to touch the outer lead casually, the circuit on the PCB and the casing outside the metal; (2) such as must directly touch the human body must be good grounding, in order to ensure safety; (3) soldering irons should be good grounding, no leakage; (4) electric screwdriver must be good grounding, no leakage; (5) shall not use the vacuum cleaner cleaning; 6. The air is dry, also easy to produce static electricity, therefore, the workshop humidity should be above 50%; All landowners ground, table, chair, shelves, trolleys, and workshop should form a contact resistance, prevent electrostatic discharge, Was removed or move back into packaging and position also must be very careful, do not produce static electricity. General packaging are packed in anti-static, so don't change the packing and abandon the packing. Electrostatic breakdown is not repair damaged, please note that may not be sloppy. < / p> 4, in welding wire, interface, circuit should be paid attention to: (1) the soldering iron tip temperature: 230 ℃ plus or minus 10 ℃; (2) the welding time: less than 3 - 4s; (3) soldering materials: eutectic type, low melting point; (4) do not use acidic flux. < / p> 5, LCD module, test scope, contrast with LCD drive voltage change, under the different temperature, Vee until the best contrast should be adjusted, and please pay attention to the correct connection, especially the positive and negative power supply connection can't be wrong, or burn on the chip. Such as LCD drive voltage to the excess of the prescribed voltage is too high, the life will be affected. < / p> under 6, as specified in the temperature range of use, according to the response is slow, and in the specified temperature range above, when using the display surface will turn black, but it is not damaged, as long as the return to the specified temperature range, everything will be back to normal. Note that when a power outage. < / p> seven, you push hard on the display part, will produce abnormal display, then cut off the power, pressure, access can be restored to normal again. < / p> 8, such as LCD and LCD module surface fogging electricity use or temperature is too high, will produce the electrochemical reaction, cause break line. < / p> 9, access should be paid attention to when the power supply and disconnect the power supply must be after the is power supply stable access to the input signal, such as in front of the stable power supply or disconnect after the input signal, will be damaged LCD modules can not work. < / p> 10, use for a long time in the sunshine, lamplight, be covered parts will produce residual image. < / p> 1, the long-term ( Such as more than a few years) Store the LCD module should be paid attention to: (1) in polyethylene bag, anti-static coating had better, the mouth sealed; (2) the best in 0 - - - - - - 35 ℃ range under the condition of storage, in the dark place, avoid sunlight and fluorescent lights; 3. Never put anything on the surface pressure; (4) strictly avoid the limit storage temperature and humidity conditions. When must be stored under special conditions, should control the temperature of 40 ℃, humidity 85%, or temperature 60 ℃, humidity under the condition of less than 60%, storage time is not more than 168 hours. < / p> 2, you buy the liquid crystal display module, Ye new to the company has passed the quality inspection department detailed inspection, to ensure that you have bought display module of intact device; In the process of you use for accidentally will display module is damaged, you can send to the new company Ye maintenance repair. If not change any parts in the maintenance, the service will be free; If change the accessories, you only pay the replacement cost ( The workmanship is free) 。 If there is a screen LCD module problem, such as surface broken glass, glass screen Angle fracture, etc. , will not be able to repair, your LCD module can only be scrapped. < / p> < / p>
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