LED display manufacturers teach you to prevent the rainy season

by:Genyu     2019-11-27
In the plum rains season in mid-to-late May, heavy rain continued and the air was damp and wet. How can those indoor or outdoor led displays be protected from moisture? The lamp beads in the led display screen are very sensitive to humidity, and the rainy season is very destructive to it. How to solve or prevent moisture or even water from entering a reasonably priced LED screen in rainy days? Ventilation can speed up the evaporation of water vapor on the led display screen with high cost performance in the room. However, there is a point worth mentioning. We should avoid ventilation when the air is humid and windless, which will only increase the humidity; We can also store a small amount of desiccant indoors to reduce moisture in the air; When necessary, you can also turn on the air conditioner to dehumidify. The better situation is that the air conditioner is installed in the professional Led display screen, which can be directly and conveniently dehumidified in humid weather. However, the outdoor LED screen with reasonable price is different, because its own environment is more complicated than indoor, and the indoor method can be adopted simply, however, it cannot be ignored that the outdoor screen should be properly maintained, especially in the rainy season. Obviously, a good seal can reduce the probability of water entering the display screen. Regular cleaning of dust on the display screen can make it better dissipate heat and reduce the adhesion of water vapor. Therefore, the most important thing is that the most critical waterproofing of outdoor branded led displays is to prepare for a rainy day in production and construction. Finally, it is also very important for the led display screen to complement each other in structural design. It is necessary to select the appropriate contact area and force to make the sealing strips squeeze into a more dense state. The location of the waterproof slot also needs to be protected to ensure that there is no water in the led display with good quality. Some of the above methods can basically ensure that the led display screen will not be damaged due to protection problems during rainy season. Xiaobian sincerely these methods and small knowledge are helpful to you whether it is outdoor or indoor led display protection.
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