Led display modules and modules, the comparison of the difference between the modules and modules

by:Genyu     2020-03-29
LED module and the module is mainly used to display ads fonts ( The force that press a gram, blister) Effect, and identification of night it in words or logo, for medium, installed on the top of the building or metope, can show identification effect during the day, and can use LED as light source, show another kind of effect in the night, the LED light source module display has become enterprises one of the most important choice of self-image. Led display module and the module of the difference between what? Next, we together and see it. < / p > < / p > module what is LED display module < / p > LED display module is determined by circuit and installation structure and has the display function of LED display, independent units. Simply be for ease of assembly and, according to the factory of the semi-finished products usually in the form of display module, add more display module display driver do together. Indoor screen commonly known as 'unit board'; Outdoor screen commonly known as 'modules', and then several modules with chassis, fans, power supply and so on compose together to become a 'box', more than for large full color. < / p > < / p > what is LED display module, LED module by integrated quadrilateral with multiple lines, multiple columns of light emitting diode modules, described the quadrilateral module with at least one side of the edge of the concave and convex chamfer of more than one group. Quadrilateral module at least can have a set of edge both wall with more than a set of concave and convex chamfer, among them, the two opposite sides of concave and convex chamfer can corresponding shaped block, may also show symmetrical shape. Modules < / p > < / p > < / p > module difference contrast, generally is part dot matrix display screen, LED lattice screen is one of the LED display. LED display is divided into: straight type LED display, generally for outdoor and half outdoor screen; A type of surface-mount, referred to as 'table, there are tables stick three spell and stick a triad, general for indoor display screen; Followed by lattice LED display, encapsulation mode is similar to 5050 and table triad, respectively encapsulated in a light one, two, three chips, are respectively corresponding to monochrome, double color and full color. Dot matrix screen is generally composed of 8 x 8 dot small module, so called modules. < / p > 1。 Brightness contrast < / p > LED dot matrix display screen brightness is lower. LED dot matrix screen LED ( Is the light) Is encapsulated into small modules, because of this, it is a specific module limits the driving mode of the LED lattice screen, also directly affects its brightness cannot reach very high, the LED screen in each LED is a separate control, in the drive way and the circuit design can have multiple choice, the brightness can relatively designed to be much higher. < / p > 2。 Cost and maintenance < / p > lattice screen mainly limited to the 'dot' show, is a kind of equipment is simple, the cost is low. If the part is broken, does not affect the other part of the normal use, and maintenance is simple, it is ok to replace the bad. LED display technology is more complicated, the cost is higher than dot matrix display screen, if there are a few lamp is broken, can affect the overall effect of use, maintenance and relatively trouble. < / p > 3。 Applications < / p > LED dot matrix display screen common usage is to act as a information release, only used to display text and simple images. General dot matrix display screen is used for indoor, mostly found in the single and double color of low-end, used to display text and pictures (rolling Double color can play the video) , the price of the dot matrix display screen is lower, the heat dissipation is not very good, general effect. LED display screen is divided into indoor, outdoor and outdoor series, monochrome, double color or full color can meet the needs of different occasions. Not only can play the words and pictures, the LED display can also realize the function of color play video, communication effect is much better than lattice screen. < / p >
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