Lighting technology of LCD liquid crystal display device

by:Genyu     2020-03-30
< p > < / p > liquid crystal display device is a passive display devices, it itself does not shine, is to rely on external light modulation implementation. The light is precondition of display device for display. Used in liquid crystal display (LCD) assembly, therefore, to solve the lighting problem. At present the daylighting of the liquid crystal display technology into natural lighting technology and external light setup. And outside light Settings are back light source, light and shadow on the light three techniques. Here introduces TFT - LCD back light technology. < / p > the two tasks of back light lighting technology is: < / p > 1. The liquid crystal display device in the presence of external light environment to be able to use; < / p > 2。 Improve the background brightness, improve display effect. < / p > LCD back light features: < / p > 1. Brightness uniformity, can form uniform plane light source; < / p > 2。 High brightness, and adjustable brightness range; < / p > 3。 Flat, thin, suitable for assembly; < / p > 4。 Light weight; < / p > 5。 Light color and pleasing to the eye, gezer accurate, to the liquid crystal display device has good through ability; < / p > 6。 Low power consumption, high efficiency; < / p > TFT - at present The LCD USES is cold cathode fluorescent lamp ( CCF) For back light. This is a kind of relying on the cold cathode gas discharge, stimulate phosphor luminescence light source. Mixed with a small amount of mercury in the rarefied gas can produce ionization under high voltage, secondary electron emission of ionized gas, bombardment mercury vapor, mercury vapor excitation, and emit ultraviolet light, ultraviolet radiation coating on tube wall of phosphor layer, make it shine. As a result of the electroluminescent phosphors variety complete, high conversion rate, so this kind of light source can be made into three primary colors are accurate and high color temperature, high brightness, ideal light source. Cold cathode fluorescent lamp made mostly tube type, so the CCF is tube type line light source, used for LCD back light, it should be into the surface light source. To achieve line light source to the surface, need to add back plate after liquid crystal display module, so that we can make the light source uniform through the RGB trichromatic color film, through the light modulation of liquid crystal material can be achieved color display effect. < / p >
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