Maintenance knowledge of LCD display

by:Genyu     2020-02-20

The maintenance of LCD monitors in business tips

It should be clear that the expensive LCD should follow some simple adjustment rails, you can do things for a long time with loyalty. In LCD, the only gradually worn part is the set lighting of the display. While enjoying the high-grade display of LCD every day, don't forget the extremely important link of recuperation. In the future, you will find that the screen will become dim or simply not bright. In these two (The computer has no sound) In this environment, the LCD can be brought back to life and become the same as the new one as long as the set lighting is changed. Only when the LCD is well maintained can it be able to do things for users without failure for a long time. If you already have an LCD or flat panel display, here (The computer automatically shuts down) Some tips of are very useful to you

(I) Avoid internal burn-out of the screen

in order to avoid this internal burn-out, the following methods can be adopted when not operating :(1)Please turn off the monitor when it's okay; (2) Often change the display content on the screen at an incompatible time distance (For example, run the screen care method standard); (3) Reduce the brightness of the display screen to the degree of dark fighting; (4)Displays an all-white screen content. In addition, if a fixed content is continuously displayed for a long time, it may cause some LCD pixels to overheat, thus causing internal burn-out. Therefore, it is necessary to remember that if you are not in use, you must block the display or reduce the display brightness of the display, otherwise the time will be long, which will lead to internal burn-out or aging. Remember, CRT monitors can burn out due to persistent work, as can LCD. Therefore, it is necessary to pay enough attention. Once this kind of damage occurs, it is permanent and cannot be recovered

(II) Keep the humidity of the environment

If the wet part has entered the LCD, it is necessary to place the LCD in a warmer and drier place so that the moisture and organic compounds in it can evaporate. If fog is found, wipe it gently with a soft cloth before turning on the power. All users who have ever damaged the keyboard by spilling drinks on the keyboard know this common sense. Do not allow any tools with moisture properties to enter the LCD. Powering on the LCD containing humidity can cause corrosion of the liquid crystal electrode, which in turn can cause permanent damage

(III) Do not disassemble

unauthorized repairs and changes may cause the display to temporarily or even permanently fail to work. Therefore, when your hands and feet are really restless, you 'd better play with the lawn mower or something else, that is, don't move the delicate and dangerous LCD! . Even in the future after being blocked for a long time, the CFL converter in the set lighting assembly may still have a high pressure of about 1000 V, which can lead to serious personal injury. Therefore, never disassemble or change the LCD display to avoid high pressure. One rail is never to disassemble the LCD

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