Note 6 for LCD liquid crystal display

by:Genyu     2019-11-21
1. Segment code LCD display screen should prevent DC voltage from being applied: the smaller the DC component of the driving voltage, the better. The maximum is not more than 50mV. If excessive DC components are applied for a long time, electrolysis and electrode aging will occur, thus reducing the service life. 2. Segment code LCD display screen should prevent ultraviolet radiation: Liquid crystal and polarizer are organic substances, and photochemical reaction and deterioration will occur under ultraviolet radiation, therefore, when assembling liquid crystal display devices, it should be considered whether it is necessary to install UV protection filters or other UV protection methods in front of them according to their use and use environment. Avoid direct sunlight for a long time when using. 3. Segment code LCD display screen should prevent the erosion of harmful gases: Liquid crystal and polarizer are organic substances, and chemical reactions and deterioration occur in the environment of harmful gases, so isolation measures for harmful gases should be taken in use, in addition, after the whole machine is assembled, do not carry out long-term sealed storage to prevent excessive concentration of chemical gas generated by plastic shell and circuit board cleaning agent from damaging liquid crystal and polarizer. 4. Segment code LCD display screen should prevent force extrusion: LCD is made of two pieces of glass, and there is only 5 ~ between them ~ 10um, very thin. Moreover, the inner surface of the glass is also coated with a layer of directional film, which is easy to damage. Therefore, the surface of the LCD screen should not be overstressed to avoid damage to the directional layer. In case the pressure is too high during the assembly process or the device is pressed by hand, it needs to be allowed to stand for one hour before being energized. Remember not to have severe temperature changes during power-on. When the device is installed, the pressure should be uniform, only the side of the device should be pressed, and the middle should not be pressed, nor should the force be tilted. 5, because the segment code LCD exceeds a certain temperature range, the liquid crystal state will disappear: so it must be saved and used within the specified temperature range. If the temperature is too high, the liquid crystal state disappears and becomes liquid. The display surface is black and cannot work. Please note that it must not be energized at this time. After the temperature is lowered, it can be restored by itself. If the temperature is too low, the liquid crystal begins to form an ice flower, causing permanent damage. In addition, LCD will also generate bubbles when stored at extreme temperature for a long time or subject to vibration and impact. 6. Prevent segment code LCD glass from breaking: since the display device is made of glass, if it is lost, the glass will definitely break, so the filter assembly method and the vibration and impact resistance of the assembly must be tested during the design of the whole machine.
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