Obvious advantages of LCD

by:Genyu     2020-01-03
For CRT displays, LCD overcomes the shortcomings of CRT such as large volume, power consumption and flicker, but it also brings about problems such as high cost, poor viewing angle and unsatisfactory color display. However, technically speaking, the advantages of LCD are still obvious, mainly in the following six aspects: 1. Smaller in size and lighter in weight, the traditional CRT display needs to have a vacuum picture tube embedded in it due to the imaging using the picture tube technology, and then an electron gun is equipped at the tail end, so that its length generally exceeds 30 cm, the size of the entire display is of course larger. For example, the liquid crystal display uses liquid crystal materials, and then uses the corresponding imaging technology to realize the display purpose. There is no need to install a picture tube inside the display, and the volume is of course small, such as EMC's 15 inch-inch liquid crystal display BM- 568, its volume is only 19 inch to 1/2 of the volume of 1/3 CRT display, which has greater elasticity when placed, and its small volume certainly greatly reduces its weight. II. Compared with the larger display area, the traditional CRT display is limited by the display technology, and its marked size is smaller than the display area of the fluorescent screen. Generally, a 15 inch-inch CRT display, although its marked size is 15 inch, its real visual range may be only 14. About 1 inch, while a 17 inch display may only have a display area of 15 to 16 inch below it. However, due to different surface image principles, the size indicated by the liquid crystal display is the actual display area. For example, the display area of Samsung's 15 inch liquid crystal display is completely 15 inch, it is equivalent to the display area of a 17 inch CRT monitor. If the price is the same, it is of course much more cost-effective to buy a LCD monitor. Three. Zero Radiation, non-scintillation CRT display uses cathode picture tube imaging, the electron beam contained in it will generate a lot of static electricity and radiation when moving, and the faster the electron beam runs, the greater its radiation, long-term use of the human body will cause damage to the eyes and skin, causing problems such as myopia and skin allergies. However, due to the use of liquid crystal materials, liquid crystal displays do not need to use electron beams during operation, so there are no static electricity and radiation problems that affect vision. In addition, the formation of a picture of the CRT display is formed by horizontal scanning. Only when the scanning frequency reaches a certain value, there is no flicker phenomenon, and the liquid crystal display does not need any scanning process, A picture is formed almost at the same time, even if the refresh frequency is very low, there will be no flicker. Four. Low power consumption and strong anti-interference capability besides circuit and display power consumption, CRT display also has the power consumption of display screen, while liquid crystal display is mainly backlight source and circuit power consumption, and the power consumption of display screen can be ignored, like EMC's 15 inch monitor BM- 568, its power consumption is only 35 watts, nearly 50% less than CRT Products with the same display area. In addition, since the liquid crystal display does not use a picture tube and an electron gun for imaging like a CRT display, it does not need to consider the high radiation effect caused by increasing the electron beam emitted by the electron gun, but only obtains brightness through the backlight emitted by the fluorescent tube, therefore, it has stronger anti-interference ability, and even in an environment with relatively concentrated light, it will receive good display effect. Five. The picture quality is higher. The traditional CRT display adopts analog display mode and the signal output of the display card adopts analog output mode, which may cause Image loss during transmission, as a result, the picture quality is reduced, while the signal transmission of the liquid crystal display adopts digital mode, and countless word signals are directly input by the video card, which will not cause signal loss, however, most liquid crystal displays still use VGA interfaces for analog displays, and only a few manufacturers such as EMC, Samsung and ACER have set up digital video signal interfaces. Six. The use function is more intelligent. Due to the different materials and technologies used by the liquid crystal display, some of its parameters are generally fixed, which requires the performance adjustment of the display to be more intelligent, in this respect, each manufacturer has its own mature technology. Generally speaking, there are mainly two kinds. One is similar to EMC Auto- Set automatic adjustment and setting function, as long as one of the parameters is adjusted, the other parameters are automatically adjusted to the corresponding value, and are numerical values to ensure the display effect. The other type is the one-button recovery function, that is, the prefabricated one button, which can be changed back to the predetermined settings at the factory with a single click. LCD (LCD)Advantages: one, thin, does not occupy the place. Second, no radiation, good for health. Third, no flicker, good for the eyes. Fourth, the energy consumption is small, much smaller than the CRT display, saving energy. Five, completely flat, no visual deformation. At present, LCD still has some shortcomings: first, it has a visual angle and a smaller viewing range than CRT. Second, there is a response speed, which will produce a picture drag. Third, the color reproduction and authenticity are not comparable to the CRT display. Fourth, the brightness is not comparable to the CRT display. In turn, the above points are the five shortcomings and four advantages of CRT display.
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