OLED and LCD liquid crystal screen who is stronger in the field of mobile phones

by:Genyu     2020-03-17
To apple in 2017 after the release of a new generation of models with OLED screen, as more and more mobile phone started using OLED screen, then the phone OLED and LCD screen, what is the difference which one OLED and LCD screen is better? < / p> oled is short for organic light-emitting diodes (oleds), is a new type of display screen. OLED the biggest characteristic is its spontaneous optical, namely auxiliary lamp without background, when the current through a screen will be our own light shine, so OLED displays are very thin, and compare the energy saving province electricity. And LCD liquid crystal display, it in our daily life is common enough, such as TV sets, computers, mobile phones and other products, they display in the LCD screen occupied very big one part. < / p> OLED and LCD biggest difference lies in the OLED is illuminated display mode, the LCD back light irradiation assisted hard to display. OLED than LCD thin, and a broader perspective. The invention of the OLED technology after the LCD, is a kind of more advanced technology, and is predicted to display for the future development direction. < / p> LCD defects < / p> LCD now have a fatal problem, it is the liquid crystal layer cannot close completely, so if the LCD display black, there will be some light through the color layer, the LCD's black is white and black mix of gray, look from the film side is actually diminishing intensity greatly of gray, rather than pure black. < / p> the OLED, the OLED display black can close the black area of pixels directly, to achieve the effect of almost pure black. < / p> another possible because of the backlight layer, so the LCD monitor light-leaking is observed, and the LCD can't completely avoid light-leaking phenomenon. < / p> compared with LCD the advantage of OLED displays in the following aspects: < / p> 1) OLED can emit their own light, whereas LCD can't. So OLED is brighter than LCDS, and OLED greater contrast colour effect more rich;

( 2) LCD need background lights lit, and OLED in need light unit, electric, and voltage is very low, so more energy saving;

( 3) OLED materials needed are very few, simple manufacturing process, when production costs than LCD save twenty percent;

( 4) OLED by the constraints of scope, can view generally can reach 160 degrees, the weight is much lighter than LCD;

( 5) OLED can also bend, a wide range of application. < / p> OLED screen disadvantage < / p> burn-in: the defects of OLED is obvious and deadly, the LCD screen is inorganic material, the aging speed relative to the organic materials of OLED much slower, so the life of the OLED organic material is not as good as the LCD, and more lethal, OLED because each pixel is illuminated, and not the LCD so the whole piece of full bright, it will cause the OLED each pixel work time is different, some pixels to display long blue, then its blue attenuation will be more than other pixels, later showed blue will be more and more pale, a phenomenon so OLED is very likely to happen is the burn-in. < / p> but burn-in is a very long process, in general, as long as the daily control using brightness under 60%, and ensure that the phone's screen don't always show a picture for a long time, can guarantee that appear visible to the naked eye burn screen after three years, the phones will be changed when it comes down to it. And OLED if warranty burn samsung panel can be free to change. < / p> so, when I was in low light using OLED some people will feel obvious discomfort, so before choosing OLED screen'd better just make sure whether they can accept the low brightness PWM frequency flash. Note that in fact many low-end LCD screen and PWM dimming, don't assume that all LCD is DC dimming. Low density: < / p> pixels on the screen area under the same the more pixels, clear the screen, but OLED screen pixel arrangement will lead to two mobile phones while resolution is same, but the screen resolution will be poor under the square root of a third, so under the condition of the same resolution, OLED is not as good as the LCD screen clear, but the current mobile phone screen is already pretty clear, even if is 1 k resolution of OLED is difficult to see that pixel, but if the horizontal contrast will need to take the square root of 2/3. < / p> < / p> summary screen is composed of pixels, each pixel is made up of red, green and blue three sub pixel screen by adjusting the ratio of red, green and blue sub pixel color; The imaging principle of LCD is to rely on white backlight through color film color; OLED light imaging principle is to rely on the spontaneous, so each pixel can be independent work. LCD inorganic materials, organic materials of OLED, so OLED LCD is better than life. OLED is due to the organic material, and pixels to work independently, so will happen burn-in, uneven burning screen screen is the nature of aging. OLED color much better than LCD, OLED is oil painting, the LCD is watercolors painting. OLED screen almost no ghosting, fast response speed. OLED screen adopt PWM dimming, under low light stroboscopic will make some people feel uncomfortable. OLED pixel density under the same resolution is not as good as the LCD. OLED more power saving than the LCD screen, thinner, can also bend significantly. < / p>
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