Precautions for LCD screen

by:Genyu     2019-12-30
LCD screen and circuit board connection, it is recommended to use rubber strip or soft belt connection, can not be directly welded or mechanical connection, the screen on the PIN promised to weld PIN. 2. When assembling, it is necessary to pay attention to the fingers and so on. Otherwise, it will cause work problems or shorten its service life; . 3. Direct current or driving voltage higher than LCD operating voltage will reduce LCD service life. 4. Be careful during LCD transportation. If the screen is contaminated, wipe off the dirt with alcohol. 5. The polarizer is soft and easy to damage. Be careful when operating. If it is affixed with anti-damage or pollution maintenance, it must be removed during use. 6. Scrub the polarizer with a dry, soft cloth. If it is not clean, please wipe off the dirt with a small amount of gasoline to prevent the use of organic solvents as much as possible; . 7. Wipe the screen with alcohol before heat sealing or ACF. 8. The LCD screen is a sensitive device for electric drive. The electrodes cannot be cut off, otherwise they will not appear. 9. Liquid crystal can not swallow contact, if occasionally touched on the hand, please rinse immediately with water
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