Precautions for protecting the life of LCD TV

by:Genyu     2019-11-26
Avoid working long hours. Under the condition of working for a long time, heat will accumulate inside the LCD screen TV body, which does not pose too much threat to other electronic components, but the LCD panel may burn down, thereby forming a large area of bad points. Do not scrub with water. Not only the cleaning effect is general, but also it is easy to leave water marks. More importantly, the LCD screen is very easy to cause permanent damage due to moisture. Wiping LCD TV with clean water is an unwise way to clean it. Do not switch the machine frequently. If you have formed the habit of turning off the TV at will, the life of the lamp will be reduced to 1/2 of the original when it is turned on four times a day. Backlight is one of the most serious parts of LCD TV accessories, and its service life and ignition times are also closely related. When starting, preheating and sputtering of high-voltage pulse cathode electronic materials increase, shortening the service life of the lamp tube. Do not disassemble and repair the LCD TV without authorization. The disassembly of LCD TV without permission is an act that is likely to cause greater damage to the TV. Even the shedding of a small metal scrap may cause serious consequences. Crt TV can be repaired by itself, but the mechanical precision of LCD TV and the vulnerability of core screen. Moreover, some components in the LCD TV background lighting assembly also carry a high voltage of about 1000 volts, which can also cause harm to the human body. Avoid long still pictures. At present, many LCD TVs have digital photo browsing function, but the display of a picture for a long time will cause damage to the LCD screen. LCD TV is more sensitive to temperature. Displaying the same picture for a long time will make fragile components aging and may cause more bad points in TV. LCD TV is one of the most frequently used household appliances for consumers. Many people are prone to taboo in daily use, resulting in shortened service life.
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