Product Classification of LCD screen

by:Genyu     2020-02-15

In the practical process, sometimes it is not necessary to follow the principle. The structure is used to distinguish its categories, while more is used to distinguish from some angles of commodities, display mode and display performance, the classification of this LCD is more practical in application.

1. Commodity form

Liquid Crystal Display device: some liquid crystal display devices, referred to as LCD, including front and rear two polarizers.

LCD module: products including assembled circuit boards, control circuits for IC drivers and other accessories are referred to as LCM for short.

2. Display mode

just like display: a product that displays deep content on a light background.

negative image display: a product that displays light-colored content on a dark background.

transmissive display: a product that the back-illuminated light source passes through the device and makes the front-facing observer see it.

reflective display: a product in which both the observer and the external light source are on one side of the device.

semi-transparent display: the backlight reflection film of this kind of products is equipped with reticular pores, which can completely penetrate 30% of back illumination light, therefore, it can be used as a reflective display during the day and as a transparent display at night.

monochrome display: black and white Display

color display: it can be divided into single color display and multi-color display, moreover, the multi-color display can be divided into pseudo-color display, that is, only 8 to 32 colors can be displayed. The true color display, that is, can display 256 colors to several 100,000 colors.

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