Production process of LCD screen

by:Genyu     2019-12-14

The LCD screen is believed to be familiar to everyone. It is intelligent everywhere. From the previous black and white TV to the landline, in the current smart home, the display era is constantly rising, what are the steps that need to go through in the production process of LCD screen? Let Jingyao introduce Jingyao's LCD screen production process.

1. LCD placement, LCD is: Glass ( LiquidCrystalDisplay)

2. LCD wiping and plasma cleaning, wipe with dust-free cloth, then clean with plasma cleaning machine

3. ACF attached, ACF: heteromorphic conductive adhesive ( AnisotropicConductiveFilm)

4. IC preloading, IC: integrated circuit ( IntegratedCircuit) , IC preloading IC positioning

5. The IC pressure is to fix the positioned IC on the bonding area through a high temperature pressure head.

6. ACF attached

7. FPC press

8. The first electrical test

9. Silicone coating

10. Backlight assembly

11. Backlight welding

12. Pad cleaning

13. The second electrical test

14. Adhesive tape attached

15. Visual inspection

16. Quality Electrical &Visual inspection

17. After packaging and warehousing

The above is Jingyao's brief introduction to the production process of LCD screen. Looking at such simple words, however, after many steps, Shenzhen Jingyao Co. , Ltd. has been adhering to the concept of customer first to meet the needs of customers and hopes to do its best in complicated processes, if you want to know about this company, please call us.

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