Protective measures for liquid crystal module in dealing with anti-interference problems

by:Genyu     2020-01-02
When the customer uses the liquid crystal display module, the liquid crystal module has a white screen due to interference such as some relays, and there is no obvious phenomenon. In fact, the anti-interference liquid crystal display module in the whole system is a pure input component, or passive component, for the whole system. The liquid crystal display module itself has no error correction function, that is, the liquid crystal display module can receive any signal satisfying the operation timing relationship and has no ability to judge whether it is right or wrong. Wrong signals and wrong data will generate wrong control instructions or wrong display patterns, resulting in wrong display effects. 1. Structure: The backlight of the LCD module has a retaining wall, welded FPC (Optional socket FPC); 2. IC has powerful functions and good stability; 3. Low power consumption; 4. LCD module display content: 1) 128*64 dot matrix liquid crystal module monochrome picture, or other monochrome picture less than 128*64 dot matrix; 2) You can choose 16*16 dot matrix goods. Other dot matrix pictures are from Chinese characters. According to 16*16 dot matrix Chinese characters, 8 characters * 4 lines can be displayed; 3) According to 12*12 dot matrix Chinese characters, 10 words * 4 lines can be displayed; 4) According to the 8*16 dot matrix Chinese characters, 16 words * 4 lines can be displayed; 5) According to the 5*8 dot matrix Chinese characters, 21 words * 8 lines can be displayed; 5. Working temperature :-20 °C-70 °C
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