Reasons for choosing Jingyao LCD manufacturer

by:Genyu     2019-12-24

2017- In 2018, the competition among LCD manufacturers in the Chinese market was extremely fierce, especially for small and medium-sized LCD manufacturers. Jingyao ranked first among LCD manufacturers in the past two years, as early as many years ago, Jingyao began to aim at the industrial small and medium-sized high-end industry market, aiming at the small and medium-sized LCD liquid crystal display market.

then why choose Jingyao LCD display manufacturer, the following are the reasons:

1. Jingyao flexible production, support custom production, brand LCD display manufacturers quality assurance.

2. Jingyao can provide a complete special customization plan, you only need to provide samples or drawings.

3. Jingyao products are made of imported raw materials, all A- gauge materials are produced, product quality is guaranteed, after-sales rate is less than 5000PPM, and shipments are completed according to the signing date.

4. Jingyao can provide display touch one-stop procurement, stable supplier resources, and can be framed or fully posted to reassure customers.

5. Jingyao uses multi-point mutual capacity technology to accurately touch, and can do single-point, multi-point and ten-point touch screens,

6. The industrial LCD display screen produced by Jingyao can withstand high and low temperature, high temperature 85 degrees, low temperature negative 40 degrees environmental operation without influence,

7. The industrial LCD display produced by Jingyao supports the operation of wearing gloves and water. It can achieve precise touch through gloves up to 5MM thick. In humid environment, the screen body with water trace can also achieve precise touch.

there must be more than these reasons. As an LCD manufacturer, Jingyao is a big company that is steadfast and practical, guan said that he would not practice the fake style. Customers are welcome to come and participate. Seeing is believing.

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