Selection rules of LCD polarizer

by:Genyu     2019-11-24
In principle, the whole polarizer of the original factory is selected for the patch of the-gauge product, and some products can be made of TFT non-optical triangle material; In principle, the original polarizer is used for the film. For the patch of A- Gauge Products, the original grade polarizer is generally selected, TFT has no optical triangle material, or TFT scrap polarizer with more inventory; Or it will be the TFT scrap polarizer purchased from the main channel supplier in the future, and the original grade polarizer or composite negative will be used for the negative film. For the patches of Class B products, TFT scrap polarizers and scrap sheets with less inventory should be used as far as possible, or TFT scrap polarizers that will no longer be the main channel suppliers in the future; Composite negative for negative film. When customers have special requirements, special polarizers shall be selected according to customer requirements. How to use: take it lightly and do not push it on the surface with a hard object. Can not be folded when picking and placing. Color separation screening shall be carried out before the equivalent films and scrap films are put into production. When the patch is applied, the residual cleaning liquid on the LCD surface must be completely volatilized before the polarizer can be attached. When the ultra-wide temperature polarizer is cut, the glue must be placed face down. Storage and Handling of Polaroids: Polaroids should be stored at room temperature with a humidity of 75 [%]The following shading is saved; It is required to be placed flat when storing; The supplier's complete packaging Polaroids are stacked according to the stacking height and stacking position marked by the supplier; The polarizer and bulk pile polarizer of the express package shall be separately isolated and supported for each 300 sheets. The handling method of the polarizer: the polarizer should be placed on the upper layer of the carrying object, the height should not exceed the stacking height, and it should be handled with care, not vertically, and not pressed.
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