Self-introduction of LCD screen electric measuring machine

by:Genyu     2020-02-15

LCD screen is a popular screen now, and most people prefer the choice of LCD screen. LCD screen electric measuring machine does not know whether you know it or not, chuangxian technology manufacturers will come to share with you today the introduction of LCD LCD screen electric measuring machine:

There are two groups of signals from the LCD screen electric measuring machine, one group is common electrode COM signal, and the other group is segment electrode SEG signal. COM signal is mainly input to the back electrode through the silver point of the liquid crystal display, while SEG signal is directly input to the surface electrode. In this way, if an AC voltage is added to the intersection area of the back electrode and the surface electrode, when such a driving voltage (COM-SEG) When the effective value of is greater than the threshold voltage of the liquid crystal display, it will be displayed, showing the corresponding strokes or graphics. The electric measuring machine can test the display quality of various LCD display screens, and can judge the excessive current caused by short circuit and pollution of LCD devices and sound and light alarm.

1. Performance index of LCD electric measuring machine

2. Continuous adjustable working voltage range: 0-5 V, the display value is SEG- COM synthesis waveform Uop 1/2

3, working frequency: 100HZ

4, working voltage range adjustable 0-1uA; 0-5uA; 0-10uA; 0- 50uA

5. The upper limit alarm point can be set arbitrarily.

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