Shallow clear crystal 8-inch LCD screen

by:Genyu     2019-12-15

8-inch LCD screens are generally used in medical terminals, industrial control terminals, tablet computers, smart homes, etc. Jingyao 8-inch LCD screens are of industrial quality, compared with the general consumer screens in the market, the reliability is more prominent, so what are the precautions when using the 8-inch LCD screen?

because the life of the LCD screen is shorter than that of the CRT, the aging speed is faster, and special attention should be paid when it is used normally. For example, in the power management interface, set the time interval for automatically closing the screen when the computer is not responding, or simply develop a habit of closing the screen when the computer is not used for a long time, reduce unnecessary screen loss. In addition, delaying the aging of the LCD screen should also pay attention to avoid strong sunlight for a long time, use moderate brightness/contrast as much as possible, and reduce long-term display of fixed patterns (Avoid excessive local aging).

usually use a special soft brush, glasses cloth, etc. to wipe the screen. If necessary, use a neutral cleaning agent or a little water to clean the surface stains, please use something sharp to avoid scratching.

The resolution of the 8-inch LCD produced by Jingyao is 1280*800 and 1920*1080. 1200*1920, etc. , with a minimum brightness of 500- About 1000, full viewing angle, IPS, working temperature can reach at least-20- 70 ° C, even higher, wide temperature design, suitable for a variety of harsh environments.

both performance and display effect have been well received by customers, industrial design, sturdy and more durable, IP67 protection grade, more sturdy. Standard Stock, flexible production, 2000 square meters of factory floor space, R & D team more than 10 years of experience in the module industry, from the project to mass production after-sales service.

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