Shenzhen LCD screen manufacturer, Jingyao is your best choice!

by:Genyu     2019-12-13

when it comes to LCD manufacturers, everyone will definitely think of Shenzhen first. Shenzhen is the LCD production base. Many large panel factories are in Shenzhen, large and small Shenzhen LCD manufacturers are competing in this land. Many people ask Shenzhen LCD manufacturers which is good? Next, Jingyao introduces you to one.

Shenzhen Jingyao Co. , Ltd. is an authentic Shenzhen LCD manufacturer, for 10 years, we have focused on industrial display, touch screen and touch display integrated solutions. The company's main size is small and medium size, from 1. 54-10. 1 inch, mainly serving industrial handheld terminals, three-proof mobile phones, internet of things terminals, medical terminals and other end customers.

when it comes to which Shenzhen LCD screen manufacturer is better, it is better to say which supplier is more suitable. Jingyao is a manufacturer specializing in industrial LCD screens, if you need industrial quality, you can find Jingyao, industrial quality, IP67 protection level, IP68 protection level with higher requirements, wide temperature design ,-20- The temperature of 80 is also easy to handle in extreme environments. You deserve such high-standard and high-performance products.

Jingyao has superior hardware facilities in terms of manufacturer's strength, international leading production equipment, thousands of square meters of-level dust-free workshops, professional product testing equipment, etc. It is conceivable that the quality of the product is excellent.

Shenzhen LCD manufacturer, Jingyao is your best choice, welcome to consult :.

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