Siemens Optipoint IP Phones Range Overview

by:Genyu     2020-07-07
The Siemens Optipoint line is a large range of flexible IP business telephones. The range comes in three standard models with varying levels of functionality. All models are designed to fit in with the wider Optipoint range of adapters and accessories. They are also very flexible, in that they can be used with HiPath realtime IP systems or, due to their industry standard interfaces, can work within existing systems. The first model is the Siemens Optipoint 410. The 410 comes first as the 410 entry, which is the basic model, and features include 8 function keys with LEDs, power over Ethernet (PoE), CTI (TAPI), a loudspeaker and two volume control keys. The 410 economy is the same as the 410 entry, but features an adjustable, alphanumeric 2-line 24-character LCD display. Furthermore, it has three interactive dialogue keys, 'back' 'yes' and 'continue' for users and features twelve function keys with LEDs instead of eight. The 410 economy plus also features a headset socket. The Optipoint 410 standard is the next iteration up for this mark. This is as before feature-wise, including the LCD screen. The standard, however, has a fully duplex speakerphone setup with echo suppression. There is also a selection of modules and adapters to suit the user. The Optipoint 410 advance is the top model, and has all the features outlined above but includes a 4-line, 24 character LCD display. There are also 19 function keys with LEDs on this model, with a USB master port to enhance connectivity. The Siemens Optipoint 420 is a different model in the line. It starts with the entry-level 420 economy, which features a 2-line adjustable LCD display, PoE, a loudspeaker and the dialogue keys as on the 410. There are also twelve function keys with LEDs and a redial facility. The 'plus' model adds a headphone socket. The 420 standard upgrades minimally, still featuring the LCD display but also adding a speakerphone with echo suppression, and with multiple connection module and adapter options. The top 420 advance is as the standard, but also features 18 self-labelling function buttons, a USB master port and an interface for the Optipoint module. The final model is the Siemens Optipoint 500 range. It starts with the basic Optipoint 500 entry, which features eight function keys with LEDs, a loudspeaker and volume adjusters. The 500 economy moves on functionally, adding a 2-line 24 character LCD display and featuring 12 function buttons rather than eight. The economy also features the dialogue keys that are on the other models. The next step up is the Optipoint 500 which has all the features of those below it but adds a 1.1 USB interface and an adapter point for extra connectivity. The Optipoint 500 standard again upgrades only minimally, adding to all these features a fully duplex speakerphone facility with echo suppression. The Optipoint 500 advance is at the top of this mark, adding features such as a fully supported headset port and two optional ports for modules and adapters. There are also 19 function buttons on this model. All models in this range and their iterations are fully wall mountable.
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